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Livia launches new website

Livia has a brand new home on the web! Visitors will be able to learn all about our innovative company and revolutionary line of health products. We want you to be up to date and have full access to all the latest Livia information available at your fingertips. On our website, you will  ...   MORE >>

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Livia's probiotic for wrestlers is here!

Livia is a proud sponsor of California USA Wrestling! For our wrestling friends we have developed a limited edition probiotic for wrestlers both in a spray and drop form, and of course these bottles are wrapped in the traditional red, white, and blue colors. These "friendly" bacteria can help  ...   MORE >>

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Livia introduces probiotic product line for pets

Just like their owners, our furry friends can greatly benefit from the addition of probiotics to their diets. Pets can suffer from the same digestion and health issues as humans. By repopulating your pets "good" bacteria with probiotics it will go to the root of health problems and help fight  ...   MORE >>

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