Suggested Uses of LiviaOne Daily Probiotics


Start with two dropper fulls (30 drops) mixed with water, juice or liquid of choice once per day for two (2) days. Begin to add five (5) drops each day until your own body can comfortably tolerate up to four (4) droppers full daily (60 drops). If you start cleansing reactions, just lower your dosage to the previous level and maintain for a few days. Again, begin to increase LiviaOne™Daily Probiotics until you can get to four (4) droppers full daily (60 drops).  If you do have a need for antibiotics, increase dosage to replenish beneficial bacteria into your system. For optimal results, add to a bottle of non-chlorinated water (water is good for you) and drink it throughout the day. LiviaOne™Daily Probiotics can be taken with or without food.

Children up to 12 years of age:

Begin dosage of ten (10) drops mixed with water, juice, or liquid of choice. If there are no adverse cleansing reaction, begin adding additional drops. Keep watch and slowly increase to two (2) droppers full daily (30 drops). If cleansing reaction occurs, simply lower the dosage until your body is able to maintain a comfortable level, not to exceed two (2) droppers full daily (30 drops).


For bad breath, tooth, gum or other oral issues, Spray 3-5 sprays directly into mouth, 3-10 times per day.  Helps reduce salivary MS (the primary causative agent in the formation of dental cavities in humans) and other dental caries. 


Spray 2-3 sprays on affected areas 3-10 times per day as needed.  Studies have shown favorable results on athletes foot, jock itch, rashes, scrapes, cuts, fungus, boils, ringworm, staph-type infections, eczema, nose and ear infections, infected sores, and acne.

Cleansing Reaction:

When you introduce new strains of probiotics into your system, a cleansing reaction is normal for some individuals.  A buildup of toxins, antigens, pathogens, bad bacteria, yeast or fungus have occurred over a period of time and LiviaOne Liquid Probiotics go to work immediately crowding them out and balancing your system.  Some mild reactions may include diarrhea, mild stomach or headaches, sluggishness or sick feeling. That's ok; it's working for you!  These systems will only last a few days and you will be on your way to a better digestive system and stronger immune response.


It takes time for the body to heal itself. After years of corporate (processed) food, environmental toxins, chlorinated and fluoride-treated water, over-eating, sugars, artificial sweeteners, nitrates, preservatives, and life stresses; your immune system needs repairing and boosting. Especially after taking antibiotics (kills both good and bad Microbial populations) potent Organic LiviaOne™ probiotics help replenish and restore healthy flora in the digestive tract. These Colony of Warriors help crowd out bad bacteria and support your body's immune system very well and are recognized as very good food for it. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.