Kitty Sniffles Gone

My kitty Smudge is a rescue and has had chronic sinus congestion and drainage for the past 4 years since we found him. Up until recently, he had HUGE snotty sneezes ALL the time and once in awhile his eyes would get red, puffy and had drainage. We were told about your product and knowing probiotics are good for people we decided to try it for Smudge. We started giving him 2 dropper fulls (orally) of your liquid probiotics (a double dose twice a day). Within a day his eyes (one drop in each eye the first day) were better and the congestion 48 hours later was easing up! Within a week most of all his wet sneezes where a thing of the past and so far they still are!! Your product is so amazing, for the past 4 years after numerous prescriptions from 3 different vets didn't help, they said some cats just have a virus that won't go away, I was sad to think that there was nothing that could help my kitty. And it's broken my heart all these years to hear my kitty trying to breathe (especially while trying to eat, because of the dried blockage in his nostrils that I was constantly cleaning out). If I miss a dose I can see the difference in my kitty's nose right away. So, I try to stay on top of his schedule. I am so glad we gave your probiotics a try! Thank you for such a great product, my kitty can finally breathe easily for the first time in years!