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Cold sores eradicated!

Since my son was two, he has been prone to cold sore outbreaks. They have always lasted about a month and the treatment process was very painful. We decided to try the LiviaOne™ probiotic spray. His outbreak was completely gone after just one week and was no longer painful for him  ...   MORE >>

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After only three days of being on the super liquid probiotics and the Dailey enzyme blend my motabolism plus my energy levels were extremly noticable.

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Staying healthy

I have been using LiviaOne™ probiotics for 4 months. In that time I have not acquired any cold or flu symptoms even when others around me have been ill. I have felt healthier and recommend it to anyone who is inspired to live a healthy lifestyle!  ...   MORE >>

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Skin issues healing

I have bought several bottles of spray for all of my family. They use it for skin issues and are so amazed at what it does! My daughter who is a Registered Nurse is a believer in LiviaOne™! She uses it orally for herself and her children daily. Her young daughters call it "Princess  ...   MORE >>

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Psoriasis fading and immune system bolstered

I had Psoriasis on my legs that caused an open sore, and became very painful. I used Livia topical spray on my legs, and they have healed and scars are currently fading! I now also use Livia regularly with chemo/radiation therapy and it has helped my immune system fight  ...   MORE >>

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