The LiviaOne Difference is "The Clear Difference"

What separates LiviaOne™ Daily Probiotics from other probiotics?

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are Organic

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are certified organic and are bottled in its original organic state, completely undefiled and unadulterated for the most powerful results on the market. We are one of the only companies to offer an organic liquid probiotic that does not have to be refrigerated.

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are Living

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are raw, living and active. What most probiotic companies don't want you to know, is their count of CFU's (Colony Forming Units) in their product, however many billions, is before the time of manufacturing. That means that after the time of manufacturing up to 90% of the count of CFU's can be destroyed. That's only 10% that may come back to life. Remember, probiotics are "living organisms" and many times can not survive the process and conversion into a capsule or powder form due to the heat, freeze drying, centrifugation, and ultrafiltration processing. So the question is not "how many CFU's are in a probiotic product, but how many of them are still alive?"

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are in a liquid form

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are unique in the fact that they are in a liquid form and are available in a dropper or spray. The benefits of a liquid probiotic, as opposed to a capsule or powder form, is that being a liquid, these "friendly" bacteria start in the mouth and go down the throat, to the esophagus, through the lining of the stomach, and into the intestines; reaching ALL of these areas where a capsule form would bypass. Research suggests that our bodies have a hard time digesting capsules. The benefit of our spray probiotic is that it can be applied topically to any skin condition or affected area, allowing these good bacteria to immediately go to work against the bad bacteria/fungus overgrowth.

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are the best in quality

LiviaOne Daily Probiotics are made in the USA to produce the best quality of product available. Our proprietary blend of living strains in our probiotics are unmatched and the combination of strains have been selectively picked and are lab tested to ensure safety.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.