Top 10 Benefits of Probiotics

1. Beginning in the early 20th century, bacterial infections have been treated with antibiotics, substances which are antagonistic to the growth of bacteria. And while these substances are very effective at killing off infectious microorganisms, they are also very effective at killing off the friendly bacteria essential for healthy function. Not only have antibiotics been used increasingly to fight infections, but they have also been added into the human food chain via animal feed, causing an increased risk of bacterial imbalances among humans, and an increase in associated symptoms.

2. Healthy intestinal flora is assaulted by our environment every day. Even if antibiotics are avoided, and organic foods are chosen, there is still a strong likelihood that imbalances will occur. Such things as stress, poor diet, chlorinated water, and pollution are all factors as well.

3. An adequate level of friendly bacteria within and on the human body is essential to good health. These vital microorganisms function within the immune system by protecting against unfriendly, disease-causing flora. Good bacteria protect against the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms such as yeast, fungi, and parasites, as well as other bacteria.

4. Friendly bacteria also function within the digestive system by aiding in the breakdown and absorption of food and nutrients. It is therefore important to do what it takes to protect the body's bacterial balance.

5. Probiotics aid in the alleviation of many common symptoms related to the overgrowth of unfriendly microorganisms. These include diarrhea, urinary tract infection, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and intestinal tract infections.

6. Probiotics are considered safe. They simply facilitate reintroduction of microorganisms, which are like those already present in the gut.

7. As an aid in digestion, probiotics can assist with lactose intolerance by enhancing the community of Lactobacilli in the digestive tract.

8. Probiotics can be used as an assault against Candida, a fungal infection. By establishing a large, healthy population in the gut, probiotics prevent Candida from maintaining residency.

9. By establishing dominance over unfriendly intestinal flora, probiotics can help prevent such annoying symptoms as bloating and gas formation, leading to a flatter appearance of the stomach.

10. Probiotics are inexpensive, readily found and are regulated as a dietary supplement. No prescription is required. Taking probiotics can profoundly improve health on many fronts including alleviation of allergies, cholesterol reduction, gastrointestinal health, cancer prevention, lower blood pressure, and the prevention of many types of disease and illness.

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